Tapering- / Parabolic Taper Rolling Plants

Parabolic Springs are designed with a special taper profile at the spring plate ends. Hereby extreme accuracy of the profile is of highest importance. This requires highest capability of the parabolic taper rolling process and the related parabolic taper rolling machines.

WEISS set bench marks for the rolling process since decades, both for aftermarket and OEM industries.

Since that our parabolic taper rolling machines have been constantly further developed. WEISS anticipated and considered also the development of the product (e.g. Air-links). The mentioned development covers not only the machines but also the adherent and optimised electronic control systems, which have been brought more and more to perfection.

A special application was designed for the tapering of round bars of heavy railways coil springs.


Parabelwalze PW 1800E

PW1800E mit Roboterhandling im Probelauf bei WAT

Anspitzwalze für Schraubenfedern

Anspitzwalze für Schraubenfedern