Stress Shot Peening

The shot peening of spring plates is a process not only for cleaning the surface prior to painting. Moreover it also serves the surface strengthening. By this the fatigue life of a spring is increased considerably (increase of possible load cycles).

A special feature is the shot peening with spring plates under pre-tensioned condition.

Prestressing Jack
Stress Shot Peening Plants

This refers to parabolic springs, air links and multi-leaf springs.

We provide different solution, optimized for the range of products and adapted to existing spring productions.

Stress Shot Peening Plants
Stress Shot Peening Plants

WEISS range of supply covers tensioning and releasing stations, the jigs for tensioning and special roller conveyor systems for a connection to the shot peening machine.

Special tensioning and testing functions serve for a efficient handling of the spring plates.

Focus is given to a safe and reliable automatic handling of the spring plates – from tranport racks to the jigs and the unloading after stress peening.