Stand. Electronic Control Systems

Beside typical control systems we also offer our special developed standard control systems from our range of machine. This is useful for refurbishment and overhauling of older machines.

Standard controls for:

  • Coiling machines
  • Testing machines
  • Straightening machines
  • Parabolic taper rolling machines
  • Eye rolling machines


Here the crutial aspects are the special functions and features of such particular machines.

For example our “RGC.NET control system” for parabolic taper rolling machine

Standardsteuerung The first capable control systems for parabolic taper rolling machines have been developed in 1980’s on basis of process computers. Over the years we developed a special process technology which was constantly integrated in the control system. Many initial ideas are today standard in our RGC.NET control system. With the development of the parabolic taper rolling machine (PW 1800-E) we created a solution with an unbeatable highest standard in respect to range of functions, rolling speed and resulting accuracy. The result reflects an experience of more than 40 years machine building for spring industries. The complete development up to the electrical and electronical control technology was and is developed with our own engineering sources.

Our RGC.NET control system for parabolic taper rolling machines is constantly growing and thus it reached the todays wide range of functions.

RGC.NET is a flexible system and thus it is ideal for retrofittings of older machines.

Already retrofitted brands: Heuser, Hille, P&L, MBP and several template machines.

Our basic system is modular composed. It serves as basis for different machine control systems. Thereby the focus is set on on the quality control assurance according to ISO-Norm.

Main features:

  • Data management and data evaluation system on basis MS Windows
  • Machine control system on basis Siemens S7
  • Network compatible with extandable working stations
  • Central data set management for several production lines
  • Central data evaluation for multiple line operation
  • External data storage for possible server operation (for increased data security)
  • Intelligent data input system
  • Extandable for peripheric machines (industrial robots, presses, etc.)
  • Real data recording and filing
  • Comprehensive history of production and analysis
  • User administration
  • Visualisation module
  • Automatic machine maintenance module
  • Statistical data evaluation functions
  • Statistical data evaluation functions
  • Import / export function
  • Remote control device