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We are specialized in Spring Making Equipment, mainly for the production of suspension springs as well as for stabilizers. This covers products for passenger cars, trucks, railways and special applications.

Basing on an experience of more than 50 years we cover the development, engineering, design, manufacturing, assembling, commissioning and maintenance of our equipment. Hereby we provide our customers with capable and innovative solutions for the spring production. Major contribution was given by Josef Weiss who developed the first automatic eye rolling machines around 1960, with patent granted in 1962.

In order to keep and further develop this wide and long-time experience we integrated – beside the mechanical engineering – also the other important disciplines like hydraulic and electrical engineering as well as adherent drive technology.

The advantage is a consistently adjustment of all these divisions to the particular task, a short-term realisation of new ideas and developments as well as an entirely service from one source.

We supply machines and production cells for the complete production process of leaf springs, coil springs and stabilizers – up to the planning and realisation of full spring factories.

Excerpts from our product range

Setting and Testing Plants


Parabolic Taper Rolling Plants


Tapering Plants


Auxiliary Equip. for Parabolic Spring Plants


Eye Rolling Plants


Bending and Hardening Plants


Stress Shot Peening Plants


Shear- and Centre Punching Plants


Refurbishment of Existing Machinery


Stand. Electronic Control Systems