Customized Conductive Heating Plants.

The conductive heating (direct resistance heating) as a state-to-the-art technology already has found its position in industrial heat treatment processes. Last but not least due to the high efficiency it will be used to a greater extend. The main application fields are iron-, steel and non-ferrous metal industries. It covers the the heating of wire, sheets, billets, pipes and bars – all related with heat treatment processes like patenting, normalizing, recristallisation annealing and hardening- and tempering.

Main advantages – compared with conventional heating – are:

  • reproducible and equal heating
  • equal heating along the material cross section (especially with Direct Current)
  • minimized scale effect
  • no grain groth
  • no intercrystalline corrosion
  • no decarburizationless space requirements
  • cost-effective tooling
  • short set-up times
  • programmmable heating curves
  • extrem high efficiency
  • low maintenance expense
  • speedy cycle times
Heater for Forge Application
Heating for straight Stabilizers
Staberwärmung (Stabilisatoren)

Heating for Forge Application
Stangenerwärmer (Schmiedebereich)

We offer the following executions:

  • 2-phase equipment as AC or DC execution
  • 3-phase executions for symmetrical network load
  • Power up to 2.3 MW and design according to your requirement
  • Power control system with simple temperature control or via free programmable heating curve with production log and job order management
  • Handling and finishing systems


Tempering for Stabilizers
Anlassanlage für Stabilisatoren

1,2 MW Power Amplifier
1.2MW Endstufe

Additional we offer you – independent from the original manufacturer – the following for your existing equipment:

  • Maintenance
  • Overhauling
  • Power up to 2.3 MW and design according to your requirement
  • Upgrading
  • Spare Parts


Wire Heating
Endstufe Typ 'Heat' für Drahtdurchlauferwärmung

Test Facility
Versuchsanlage für spezielle Materialien